Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Friends, Facebook, and Fidelity

I loved our discussion in class today! We were talking about affair prevention and things that go along with it. One thing I really loved that we talked about was the fact that if something isn't bringing up or edifying your marriage, then you could/should probably cut it out. For instance, talking to someone of the opposite sex is not necessary. Ask yourself, why am I continuing this relationship after I am married? I came to earth to find an eternal companion and I will be spending forever with them. I should be focused on that relationship more than any other relationship I have. I loved when we talked about Facebook and it is crazy to see the statistics of how many divorces come from a married man or woman finding an old high school fling through Facebook. It is so sad to me to see couples being torn apart through social networkings. If anyone is considering combining Facebooks when they get married, I would highly recommend it. My husband and I made a joint account a couple weeks before we got married and we only have friends on there who we both know and I think it has definitely helped our relationship a lot. I don't have to worry about who he might be talking to, because I can see it all. We also share passwords for pretty much everything we have. I think it has definitely helped us to trust one another more and just cut out one huge part of marriage that can drive spouses apart.
I really enjoyed the reading from Brother Gardner this week about the different forms of affairs. I have never really though about a lot of the points he brought up and how the affair can be physical or emotional and attached or detached. It really made a lot of sense to me though and it made me realize that those things that he described such as fantasizing over others is considered an affair as well. If it does not uplift or edify your marriage, cut it out.

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