Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Family Crisis

This week in class we have been talking about different stresses that families go through and crises. I have never really thought a lot about this topic before and how it can play into family relations. As I was reflecting back on my childhood and different struggles that my family went through I noticed a pattern in a few of the crises. I realized that the ones that I thought were the hardest, seemed to benefit me the most. I really do appreciate everything that my parents have done for me and the fact that they try to help pull our family through the struggles. I noticed that our family usually gets closer as we go through hard times because we have to rely more on each other for support systems. I really liked today when someone said that crises can be planned and intentional. We can mean to do what we are doing. If we have a plan in mind for something that could possibly happen, it will help us to be more prepared for that crises. For example, some cancers run in my family so when my Grandpa was diagnosed with it, we kind of knew it was coming. It was still a hard trial and definitely something that our family had to deal with, it was better because we were somewhat prepared for this crisis to happen. I also think having a gospel perspective helps so much. If someone dies, it is so devastating but we know that they are in a better place and that we will see them again. It was so inspiring to watch the video in class today about the boy who was born with trisomy 18 and he only lived for 99 days. It brought his parents so much closer together and they realized that they could get through anything. I really am grateful that I grew up in the gospel and that I have the knowledge I do about the plan of salvation and that I know families can be together forever.


  1. It is true that a having a gospel perspective makes a huge difference in how we deal with crises. Just contrasting the experience of Job and that of Laman and Lemuel shows the power of faith in eternal principles. Thank you for sharing some personal experiences to illustrate the power of preparation for crises.

  2. I really like that you mentioned having a gospel perspective. I am so grateful for that, as well. For me this lesson was such a reaffirmation that the family truly is of God - if we raise our families the way He has showed us and taught us how, we will be able to come together and lift one another.