Tuesday, September 27, 2011

One Unit

This is a picture of my family on my wedding day. There are four children, and out of those, three are now married. When we were all living at home I could definitely apply the Family Systems Theory to our lives. We all had specific roles and functions that we participated in. No one was left out and we all worked together as a team. Our family was united in a way with a special bond that I will never forget. 
I can definitely pick out a few subsets or subsystems in my family. Obviously, my parents are a subset and they work together to make sure everything runs somewhat smoothly for our family. I would say that my oldest sister, brother and Dad would form another subset. They are all alike in their interests and intelligence. All three are very smart and love doing math and things related to science or building or something challenging. My second oldest sister, Mom and I form another subset. We are all alike in our personality and interests as well. We all love to sew, bake, make crafts, and we are all always making sure everyone around us is happy or having a good time. 
My family gets along so well and we love having the new additions to the family. In the future when we all spend more time together, I will be able to find more subsets and roles being played by my family. Our family works so well together because we were raised in a home where we could feel the spirit and we knew gospel principles. I know that families can be together forever and I can't wait to start my own little family. 

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