Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Strengths and Benefits

I was so shocked when I was reading the chapter for class on Wednesday. There are so many charts and statistics that show the percentages of cohabitation and child birth out of wedlock are going up. It is so sad to hear that people don’t value marriage and family the way that they used to. 
It is surprising to me especially after reading the section titled “Strengths and Benefits of Marriage and Family.” How could anyone read that and still say that they would rather live alone or rather not get married. It said that overall, both married men and married women are happier, they are better off financially and they live longer than the unmarried. How does that not appeal to the rest of the world? It also stated that a satisfying marriage provides you with a built-in support system to help you deal with the varied challenges and struggles of your life. I can testify to this. Being married is seriously the best. You always have someone there to talk to, you have someone supporting you and helping you make life changing decisions. Yes there are struggles with every marriage and some use the excuse to get divorced that they have too many problems. Well statistics show that those who stay married and those who get divorces have the same amount of problems. The ones who stay married are just better at working through them together. 
I know that marriage is essential to Heavenly Fathers plan and having a family is such an amazing privilege we have here on earth. I can’t wait to start my own family someday and I know that Heavenly Father will always bless us for our righteous choices we make. 

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